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Beocord VX 5500

1991 - 1993

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Ein phantastisches Gerät mit unglaublichen Funktionen und Möglichkeiten! Schauen Sie sich deshalb unbedingt die als Quelle 
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Beocord VX5500

A special Bang & Olufsen feature was 'spontaneous videotaping'. If you wanted to record the programme you were watching it was simply a matter
of pressing 'record' twice on the remote control handset - and the VCR would automatically find  the right channel and start taping.
You could with Beocord VX5500 play back in slow motion all the way down to still. You could use the picture-in-picture module with the VCR
and the B&O TV on which you had it linked up to and it was also possible to keep your video tapes organised.  By using a graphic 'notebook' you
could name every video tape you record. Then you use the Beolink 5000 or Beolink 1000 terminal to simply order up the number of your recording.

Colours: black or black/white

The tape list on the Beocord VCR facilitates audio-only recordings. It gives an overview of the tracks on a video tape e.g. a compilation of music
that has been recorded from CD or vinyl .
The VX tape list - for example as here on the Beocord VX5500 - gives the user an easy overview of favourite video tapes, in much the same way as
the programme list on the MX (and subsequent) range of televisions.
The title is entered according to choice in the tape naming menu, with up to 20 characters per track, up to six tracks per tape or 99 tracks in total. The
number of the tape is first entered e.g. 10. The remaining six lines in the menu show the tracks; you can then enter the title of the individual track(s) or
update the tape list if you have made another recording on the tape.
When the tape list menu is accessed, the entries i.e. tracks, will be displayed alphabetically and each entry will have been assigned a number. When the
number (track) is selected, the tape list tells you on which tape the track is found. If a tape has been inserted in Beocord VX5500 or VX7000, it is
automatically ejected; when you load the correct tape as displayed in the tape list, the VCR automatically starts a track search and play-back
of the chosen track.

Beocord VX5500 Specifications

AUS 4567 (1991 - Aug 1992) 
EU 4561 (1991 - June 1993)
EU 4560 (1991 - April 1993) 
FMS 4535 (1991 - May 1993) 
GB 4569 (1991 - Aug 1992) 
GB 4562 (1991 - Jan 1993) 
HK 4568 (1991 - Aug 1992) 
NZ 4566 (1991 - June 1992) 
US 4536 (1991 - Oct 1991) 
VPS 4563 (1991 - March 1993)

Cassette format: VHS 
Tape heads 3 video, 2 Hi-Fi audio 
TV channels VHF band 46 - 300 MHz
Hyper-band 300 - 470 MHz
UHF channels 21 - 69 
Number of programmes 99 
Play channel UHF 37 (adjustable 30 - 39) 
Sound, compatible normal/Hi-Fi Stereo, Hi-Fi sound 
Decoder TV stereo 
A2 built-in (Not in type 4532/38) 
Decoder bilingual sound A2 built-in (Not in type 4532/38) 
Max. playing time, audio/video 
4 hours, E-240 
Max. playing time, audio only 8 hours, E-240 
Fast forward and rewind: approx. 6 min. E-240 
Counter Tape counter, remaining time 
Time programming 8 programmes up to a year 
Slow motion video tape Variable speed 
Still picture video tape Noiseless 

Search forward: 5 x normal speed Search rewind: 5 x normal speed 
Index search Track no., digital picture index Tape speed VTR 23.39 mm/sec. 
Tape speed ATR 11.7 mm/sec. 
Recording system HQ 
Frequency range black/white: 2.5 MHz 
Signal-to-noise ratio luminance 47 dB 
Signal-to-noise ratio chrominance
amplitude modulation 38 dB.
Pulse modulation 50 dB Placement min. height: 22 cm 
Dimensions: W x H x D 54 x 8.5 x 30 cm. 
Weight: 9.1 kg.

RF in 75 ohms RF out 75 ohms 
AV Link 21-pin 
AV decoder 21-pin Camera pause Jack 
Remote sensor Jack 
Headphone Jack 
Microphone Jack