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Beocord VX 5000

1989 – 1992

Die Beocord VX-Serie war für die „Zusammenarbeit“ mit den Fernsehgeräten der MX-Serie entwickelt. Sie passen sowohl von der Funktion, als auch vom Design her perfekt zusammen. Der Beocord VX... schwebte (und tut dies sehr oft auch heute noch) in seinem sehr flachen Gehäuse auf einem unsichtbar angebrachten shelf unter dem Beovision der MX-Serie.
Leider musste diese tolle Design Kombination bei mir einem profanen Digital-Festplatten-Receiver weichen, weil zu der Zeit kein „Beo-Digital-Festplatten-Receiver“ angeboten wurde. Schade, schade!

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Beocord VX5000: the multi-role video recorder

Designed by David Lewis, Beocord VX5000 was the flagship of the range in the late 1980's, with the ability 
to display live pictures from up to nine different channels simultaneously. A TV guide that was hard to beat! 
The VX5000 worked best with a Bang & Olufsen TV, simply because they were made for each other. 
You could choose from either the contemporary MX or the classic LX series.

Step by Step

When you wanted to analyse a Wimbledon championship down to the last detail you would find the slow 
motion facility a real boon. And of course it was superb for picking up tips to improve your sporting style. 
You could also freeze frames, not only on video, but also in the middle of a direct broadcast; the picture 
quality remained at its impressive best. We all know how complicated programming some video recorders 
can be. With the Bang & Olufsen range you don't need a degree in pure maths to succeed. A 'menu' on the 
screen gave you straightforward instructions.
So easy that you would want to take advantage of programming that lets you preset recordings of up to 
six different programmes up to one year in advance!
There was a very handy Search function too; acting like the 'Track Searching' on an audio cassette recorder, 
it took you to the programme you want with minimal fuss and bother.
Video or all-night music. The VX5000 gave you the choice of either four hours of video, or up to eight hours 
of top-quality hi-fi sound to last the whole night through!
Beocord VX5000 was designed specially be use in conjunction with Beovision
MX5000 TV when, together, you could pull in a live picture from another channel on the screen while you continued with the programme you were already watching. Very handy when you were waiting for a specific programme on another channel to start. 
Much the same could be done in later years with the advent of Picture-in-Picture - a module bought as an 
accessory for fitting into your television.