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Beocord 8802-V

Dieser Video 2000 VCR ist ebenfalls ein bleischwerer Klotz mit gigantischen Ausmaßen.

Eine Ähnlichkeit mit einem entsprechenden Philips Gerät wäre kein Zufall. B&O 
hat oft mit der Firma Philips zusammen gearbeitet. 
Im TV-Bereich ist dies bis heute der Fall.

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Beocord V8802 Video

Types: 4421 (1982 - Nov 1983); F 4424 (1982 - Dec 1983); GB 4422 (1982 - May 1983); OS 4423 (1982 - May 1983)

If your choice of TV viewing included video, the Beovision Video Terminal supplied with your Beovision 5100, 7100 or 
8100 (or Beovision models 5500, 7700, 8800 and 9000 featured in the 1982 Autumn catalogue) could also be used 
to operate the Beocord V8802 video cassette recorder. There were two types of video stand available, specially 
designed to accommodate any Bang & Olufsen VCR and combine them into a complete video system that was easy 
to install, easy to live with and a joy to use.

Beocord V8802 used the technical superiority of the V2000 format to guarantee top-quality recording and playback on 
economical flip-over cassettes. The 2x4 hour flip-over cassettes gave you 8 hours of recording time in one tape, which 
worked out cheaper in cost-per-minute terms than any other video format.

Microcomputer technology gave Beocord 8802-V a wide range of features and facilities and, at the same time, ensures 
that operation was fast, straightforward and fool-proof. Automatic track adjustment meant that even well-worn tapes 
recorded on another machine were reproduced accurately - that was important if you intended to hire feature film cassettes 
for home screening.

Sound quality was also of the highest quality with a technique called Dynamic Sound Suppression, reducing distortion 
and unwanted noise to negligible levels.

Freeze-frame and picture search are useful features, especially for sports fans, and both could be operated by remote control.
Another outstanding benefit was the ease with which Beocord's computer-controlled timer could be programmed to make up 
to 5 automatic recordings from any 5 TV channels within a 16-day period.  Of course, you could also record one programme 
while watching another.  The Beovision Video Terminal kept you in control of the whole system without moving more than a finger.

The Terminal was supplied as part of the TV; if you purchased Beocord V8802 separately, or with a manual Beovision TV, 
the Terminal had to be purchased as an optional accessory in order for you to obtain the extra convenience of remotely controlled video.

Programming Beocord V8802 to make unattended recordings was quick and easy, thanks to logical control systems and microcomputers.  
Simply key in the channel, the day and the start and stop times of the programme you wanted recording.  Each instruction was confirmed 
on the illuminated communications panel.  The microcomputer's memory could store 5 such sets of instructions covering the period of 16 days 
ahead.  You could even check your programming for accuracy and correct mistakes by operating the 'clear' button.  When all the programmed 
recordings had been completed the machine rewound the tape ready for instant replay.

The 8-hour flip-over cassette was more convenient and economical to use than any other type then on the market.  The cassettes were 
tamper-proof: it was impossible to damage them by touching any moving parts or the tape itself.  A safety switch built into the cassette 
casing prevented the inadvertent erasure of recordings you wanted to keep.

Beocord V8802 Video Cassette Recorder Specifications

Type no: 4422
CTV system: PAL-AI
Remote control: Built in, infra-red
Cassette system: Video 2000
Max playing time: 2 x 4 hours VCC 480
Fast forward & rewind: Max 2 mins VCC 480, 4h
Counter: Electronic 4 digits
TV channels: UHF 21 - 69
Play channel: UHF 36 (adjustments 31 - 43)
Number of TV progs: 26
Aerial impedance: 75 ohms coaxial
Time programming: 5 programmes
Number of days: 16
Frequency range b/w picture: 3 MHz (<= - 20dB)
Colour: 625 kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio: >44dB (CCIR 421-1)
Frequency range (sound): 40 - 10000 Hz +/- 8dB
Distortion max load: <7%
Signal-to-noise ratio: > 50dB (DIN 45405)
Wow and flutter: <+/- 0,3%
Power supply: 240V (110-120-220)
Power frequency: 48-62 Hz
Consumption at normal use: <75W
Consumption stand-by: 15W
Placement: Horizontal +/- 15 degrees
Placement min height: 24cm
Ambient temp: 10 - 35 C
Relative humidity: 30-80%
Dimensions WxHxD: 55 x 16 x 43cm
Weight: 18kg
Finishes: teak, rosewood or white
Accessories: Video table (Type 3059), Camera/mic connection (Type 8053174), Beovision Video Terminal (Type 3319)