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1969 - 1971
Beocord  2400

Beocord 2400 types 4134 and 4135 - 4-Track Stereo Reel-to-reel tape recorder

" What Advantages does your Beocord 2400 give you in the Form of Facilities, Performance and Reliability?
Pressure diecast chassis for the mechanical section - provides a high degree of mechanical stability, assuring you that 
your Beocord 2400 is transport-proof.
Silicon transistors in the fully transistorized amplifiers - a guarantee of highly stable operation, good signal-to-noise ratio, 
minimum distortion, and low power consumption.
Separate tape heads for record and playback - permit you to monitor the tape while a recording is in progress.
4-track record and playback - permits maximum playing time for your tapes, both mono and stereo.
Two-hand operating of record function - protects you against accidental erasure of tapes.
High degree of channel separation - in mono recordings, too, you will have good separation between the two channels.
Twin-faders - make it easy for you to adjust for stereo balance on both record and playback.
Besides, the dual amplifier of your Beocord 2400 gives you the following interesting facilities: Sound on sound (part-song) recordings; 
adding echo to recordings; synchronous recordings such as pilot signals for slide projectors synchronized with sound reproduction; 
language laboratory: recording a foreign-language text on one track and conversation exercises synchronously on the other track.
Photo-stop feature - permits you to stop tape during programme scanning, if tape breaks, and at end of tape.
Line jack - facilitates tape-copying from or to another Beocord; also permits connection to a large hi-fi system such as the BEOLAB 5000.
Your Beocord 2400 will operate as a hi-fi amplifier - the amplifier may be used without the motor running. It has separate inputs for 
microphone, gramophone, radio or FM/AM tuner and provision for connection of two pairs of stereo speakers.
And your Beocord 2400 meets the minimum specifications for the DIN 45 500 Standards"
(Taken from Beocord 2400 operating manual)


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