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Abdeckung der Mechanik unter den Spulen: Aluminium mit schwingungsdämpfendem Filz! 
Trotz Verwendung von Aluminium hat man auf eine Lackierung nicht verzichtet, - in perfektem Finish!

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Konsequenz auch bei Verarbeitungsdetails wie hier: Eine Kunstoffscheibe schützt 
den Lack vor der Schraube und verhindert langfristig Kontaktkorosion zwischen 
Aluminium unf verchromter! Stahlschraube!

Für welche Lebensdauer wurden denn diese einfachen Geräte projektiert?

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Das technische Konzept des BEOCORD 1500 ist das gleiche wie die des BEOCORD 2000 de Luxe aber 
ohne dessen Mischmöglichkeit und ohne Endstufen.  

"If you already own a hi-fi music system or a good radio set with a tape socket - in other words, if you have an amplifier system capable of replacing that provided in a tape recorder you may prefer this 2-track recording machine. Technical specifications are equal to those of the Beocord 2000de Luxe K, but there is no mixer section or output amplifier. The Beocord 1500 de Luxe has built-in playback pre-amplifiers and is sold complete with gramophone/radio record pre-amplifier. This recording pre-amplifier may be exchanged for a microphone pre-amplifier if direct microphone recordings are required."  

Abmessungen: 205mm hoch, 450mm breit, 335mm tief. 

Choice of teak or Brazilian rosewood finish" -  taken from the 1967 - 1968 Bang & Olufsen product catalogue 
(Read more on the BeoWorld Connoisseurs' Club)
Beocord 1500 DL was a stereo tape recorder which you could use with an existing stereo system. 
There was no built-in amplifier or microphone - the unit's raison d'être was a means to make really 
good recordings from records or the radio. A single stereo input channel of standard DIN level was 
the only source, but two outputs were provided: one of a fixed DIN level, and the other (Line) of a 
variable level controlled by a concentric (L,R) knob on the control panel. With a special lead and the 
correct Beomaster, it was possible to do off-tape monitoring during recordings (although by using 
standard DIN connection through the 'radio' socket this function was not available).  

Auch mechanisch waren BEOCORD 1500 und BEOCORD 2000 DL identisch. Es wurde angeboten sowohl als 
2-Spur Gerät mit 4-Spur Wiedergabe als auch als reines 4-Spur Modell.

Mechanically, Beocord 1500 DL was the same as Beocord 2000 DL and was offered in the same way in either 2 track + 4 track replay 
and 4 track only models. The Beomaster 900 RG Compact radiogram featured a recess of the exact size to fit Beocord 1500 DL which 
made it into a complete audio system.

Das BEOCORD 1500DL wurde 1970 vom BEOCORD 1800 ersetzt.

Beocord 1500 DL was replaced by Beocord 1800 in 1970, which looked very similar but included several detail 
improvements, such as a die-cast chassis and optical automatic stop.

Price (Brazilian Rosewood):
1970: £126.0.0

Price (Teak):
1970: £124.19.0

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